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Reasonable Installment Loans No Credit Check
7 Aug 2019

Find Reasonable Installment Loans No Credit Check Required

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Looking for good installment loans NO CREDIT CHECK online? Don’t settle for simply finding an installment loan when you could find your best installment loan.

When you encounter a financial bottleneck, an installment loan may be the way through it. Don’t let the lack of perfect credit block the way!

About Installment Loans NO CREDIT CHECK NEEDED

What exactly are installment loans NO CREDIT CHECK, and how are they even possible? A personal installment loan is a type of short-term loan often offered online through private lenders who are able to provide more flexible terms to loan applicants.

Installment loans differ from the other major short-term loan type, payday loans, in that you repay them in multiple monthly installments instead of in one lump-sum payment. You normally can borrow from $500 to $5,000 or more and repay in anywhere from a few months to several years.

This kind of loan requires no collateral. Your ability to repay IS your collateral. That is, lenders are looking simply for a verifiable, regular income of sufficient size to reasonably repay the loan on time.

This has nothing to do with credit scores, which is why many lenders do not bother to limit approval to certain credit score brackets or even to run a credit check.

Is It Important To Avoid A Credit Check?

You may be wondering whether it really makes any difference whether a credit check is run on you or not. Well, that depends. But there are multiple potential advantages to avoiding a credit check.

First of all, a credit check can slow down the application process, which no one wants! Secondly, when dealing with loans where approval is not based on credit scores anyway (like personal installment loans), credit checks don’t make a lot of sense. You might get a little better rate with higher credit, and you can find lenders who will check on that for you – but for those with poor credit, a check won’t help.

Third, a credit check can hurt your already damaged credit. If it’s a soft credit check, it won’t affect it, but a hard credit check can make bad credit worse – and is, therefore, to be avoided.

One more thing. If a credit check is required, it may imply the lender does base approval, in part at least, on credit scores. And that could mean risking a rejection, which would also hurt your credit. That’s why applicants with poor credit should be a bit leery of installment loan offers that require credit checks.

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