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Bringing clarity to an increasingly confusing personal finance world.

Better Loan Blog was founded on the belief that personal finance is confusing. Our goal is to become the best resource for individuals looking to answer questions and solve financial problems. We do this by providing the most relevant information, new, advice, and tools, as well as seamless access to offers for financial services. We want to help you improve your financial situation over time by being the one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

Our story

Better Loan Blog was founded by Britton Smith, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and Harvard Business School. While our founder has always been quite savvy with his personal finances, (he currently has a credit score close to 850), other members of his family have needed additional support over time. He was always there to answer questions, provide guidance, and sometimes lend money.

This sense of confusion in the personal finance world became even more obvious while Britton was working for a company focused on high-risk lending. While the company was very happy to provide loans to consumers at exorbitant rates, they did not provide the support to help consumers fix their financial challenges. Seeing the issues first-hand, hearing the stories, and watching financial services companies make money led to a realization that personal finances are tough!

Named after the Bonsai tree that takes patience and care to shape over time, Better Loan Blog provides you the tools to shape your finances. We are on a mission to help consumers improve their financial situation over time, and we are doing this one loan, credit card, and insurance policy at a time.

How it all works

All the articles and advice we provide are objective, independent, and focused on giving you the best information we can. When you request a loan, credit card, or other product through our website, we may receive compensation. However, this compensation in no way affects our recommendations or advice.

We always provide the best advice we can, completely free of charge… even if we don’t make a penny.

How to contact us

We think Better Loan Blog is the best resource for you to find information, get your questions answered, and find the best loan, credit card, or other financial product. In case you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on our website, here are the different ways you can get in touch with us:

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