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Get your money ready for a fresh start with these tips. Managing your personal finances does not have to be a daunting task. By taking proactive steps, you can simplify your finances and give yourself peace of mind as you deal with handling your money.

A Complete Guide to Medicare Eligibility

Posted on27 Mar 2021
Before Medicare became available, one-third of American seniors lived below the poverty line. Within a decade of the program’s launch, that number dropped by half. Today, many people mistakenly assume that Medicare is...
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7 Insider Tips on Saving for Retirement

Posted on02 Oct 2020
Approximately 22 percent of the American workforce has less than $5,000 saved for retirement. That means reaching retirement age with enough money to live comfortably and avoid going into debt might...
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The Undeniable Importance of Saving

Posted on24 Sep 2020
Trying to understand the importance of saving early on in life? Not sure what the benefits of saving money are? While many people have heard that they should be saving...
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