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How to Buy Golf Clubs on Finance
5 Jun 2020

No Credit Check Golf Clubs: How to Buy Golf Clubs on Finance

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Golf is the traditional business game, and despite what some might argue, the statistics back up golf’s place in the corporate world. An estimated 90 percent of Fortune 500 CEO’s play golf and 17 percent of those make more money than those executives that don’t golf.

It’s a common sentiment that golfing can help you understand your business counterparts’ ethical code, drive, and general personality. People let their guard down and often their true colors shine through.

But getting into golf isn’t cheap. Before you hit the links you’ll need clubs from top brands, and golf equipment is expensive. Yes, you can buy a set from Target for several hundred dollars. However, those clubs won’t cut it.

Quality golf clubs cost into the thousands of dollars. They’re expensive, so get ready to break open your wallet. Unless…you’re buying golf clubs on finance.

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Buying Golf Clubs on Finance: Golf club payment plans

Buying golf clubs on finance helps mitigate upfront costs and allows just about anyone to get into their first set of clubs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have credit, or have bad credit.

With financing and payment options, you can find golf clubs no credit check (most of the time) that will allow you to buy those top end clubs without a hard credit check. With a little know how you can get on your way to buying the best golf clubs money can buy. Not to mention lowering your handicap and getting the best business deals of your career!

Company Programs

Many companies are starting to forgive customers for lack of funds upfront and less-than-stellar credit. Leading the way in the golf world is TaylorMade. TaylorMade now offers something similar to a “lease.”

You’re financing the clubs over 18 or 30 equal affordable monthly payments, paying a small amount each month. However, you do pay 9.99 percent interest. While that seems high it usually amounts to around $100 extra dollars per $1,000 you spend.

Though with this program you’re also able to trade in and upgrade your clubs every 12 months or 24 months. And when you upgrade, your payments roll into your next club set. Finish paying them off and they’re yours.

But you should know that TaylorMade uses a credit company called Klarna to handle the financing. Yes, this does mean you’re subject to a credit check. However, Klarna isn’t picky with credit scores. You can get approved with what many banks would consider “bad credit loans.” Because of the more lenient credit requirements, this lease program from TaylorMade is a solid option to explore.

Third Parties

Third party companies like Flexshopper offer quality golf clubs on lease or rent to own golf clubs agreements. Their plans varied based on your needs, and most people qualify for a $2,500 dollar weekly spending limit.

And while they do check your credit, offering leases to those with bad credit is the company’s stated goal. Though do know that Flexshopper typically prices their clubs higher than other retailers, but they allow you to pay for the clubs as if you had an installment loan, but without the long application process.

Beyond Flexshopper, many retail stores also offer financing options. Options vary by store, with some caring more about credit than others.

Which suits your needs best depends on your unique financial situation.


Loans represent the third and final way to finance golf clubs. They’re available through an independent financial institution and work much like financing a car. Though with the right provider you can even get online loans with no credit check.

You’re not always “financing” clubs (though sometimes you can) but rather taking out a personal loan that’s good for anything. As long as you pay back the loan following the terms of the agreement you’ve successfully “financed” your clubs.

But like any personal loan, you have to pay back interest. It’s how the lenders protect themselves from losing money. No credit check or bad credit loans often come with higher interested rates.

Make sure to plan for the added interest costs before you take a loan.

Why is this Important?

Bad credit and no credit needed loans offer people access to goods they otherwise couldn’t afford. In some cases, this isn’t a good thing. People do get taken advantage of and end up losing money.

However, sometimes one bad decision or financial hardship ruins your credit. In this case, you’re prevented from buying things you need for work; like new golf clubs. No credit check loans give access to the essentials, subject to credit approval.

Where Can I Find These Loans?

This question is more of two questions in one. You can find no credit check loans basically anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they’re good loans. Every institution sets their interest rates.

You need to shop around for good interest rates for your situation. Sometimes bad credit interest rates are better than no credit check interest rates. Likewise, there’s usually room for negotiation.

Larger businesses can offer better rates than mom and pop shops because they simply have more money to risk. Likewise, lenders often will offer lower rates to try and beat their competition.

Your New Lender

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